The Solid Podcast by Doc Rock

The Solid Podcast: Season 3 Episode 5 - Idle Hands Lockdown Edition

April 3, 2020

Welcome to The Solid Podcast: Season 3 Episode 5. In this episode, I talk about some of the many places to get some good training in while on lockdown or quarantine. Many folks always say they wish the had the time to study something new or enhance their arsenal of career and personal skills. Now is the time! Weather sitting in the crib alone or home schoolin' oneself at the same time the kiddies are getting their learn on this is the perfect time to brush up on your Spanish or learn to needlepoint. I'm taking up Epidural Adhesiolysis a.k.a Neuroplasty. Just kidding from the sound of my many speaking mistakes in this episode it seems as if I'm studying emptying Single Malt Bottles.



General Skills:

Innovative Language Try coupon code FRIENDS 40% off

Everyone Can Code

Continuing Education
Great Courses

Get Well Rounded
Public Library


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