The Solid Podcast by Doc Rock

The Solid Podcast: Episode 5 - You’ve Been Framed

July 10, 2017

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Solid Podcast by Doc Rock. this week we talk a bit about framing and how the way things are framed or presented can greatly effect the way you accept or perceive the information. I use Biki, the bike sharing service in Honolulu, Hawaii as our subject but this kind of framing spans across all sorts of business and personal relationships.

The brain does some crazy things when it comes to perception and cognitive biases. these biases can trick you into making weird judgements about all types of things some very important.

Confirmation Bias Quote by Harper Lee

FTR: People have been complain about private company profiting off of a Gov’t funded program. Bikeshare Hawaii is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. they were hired to launch and manage the roll out.

Bikeshare Hawaii
Go Biki

News Coverage:
How is Biki doing so far? (KITV)

How has Biki's first week in business been? Officials report strong numbers(HNN)

Confirmation Bias: the tendency to look for and favor evidence that confirms our ideas while avoiding or ignoring evidence to the contrary

Beliefe Perseverance: the tendency to cling to initial concepts or beliefs despite proof of the contrary

Availability Heuristic: is a mental shortcut relying on physically salient or easily imagined examples rather than actual odds or factual information

Framing:how a topic is posed for presented - Framing significantly affects our decisions and judgments


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