The Solid Podcast by Doc Rock

The Solid Podcast: Episode 1 featuring Lanai

June 3, 2017

So much fun with my #bestiefromanothatestie @Lanai recording the first episode of @SolidPod. If you missed the live stream I will edit and post it soon this is the audio version. Please subscribe to The Solid Podcast on via iTunes and Google Play or directly On Podbean. Thanks to all the stream viewers and for all the support from everyone.

Solid Podcast Episode 1 Show Art

Show Notes:

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know

Suica Card

JR Rail Pass

Packing Cubes

Cohiba Japan


Lanai's Travel Club

Lanai Tabura


NOTE: Sorry gang the first 24mins of the audio may sound funny but we fixed it after that. Some people may not notice this as it really depends on your speakers.

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